Jun 23, 2007

RJ-45 crimping

This article describes the steps of crimping a RJ-45 plug for CAT 6 cable. Before crimping, we should know the wiring assignment, which has 2 types, T568A and T568B, as shown below.

  • for a straight cable, make 2 ends the same;
  • for a cross-over cable, make one end as T568A and the other as T568B.

Besides CAT 6 cable, some RJ-45 plugs, a cutting plier, a RJ crimper are needed.

For one end of CAT 6 cable, strip around 4-cm cable jacket with cutting plier.

Pull the plastic frame out around 1cm and cut it off, push the cable jacket toward the end of conductors and make the plastic frame be shorter than jacket around 1cm.

Untwist the conductor pairs and make them straight according to the desired color order, here is T568B wiring. Then cut the conductors and leave them around 1.5-cm outside jacket.

Insert the conductors into the RJ-45 plug, make sure that
  • all visible conductors are tidy;
  • all conductors reach the end of the plug through their own slots;
  • cable jacket passes the position of jacket crimp.

Crimp the RJ-45 plug with the RJ crimper.

That's it. The other end can be made by repeating the above procedures.

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