Sep 14, 2010

PC power supply tester

A failure of PC power on is most likely due to the defective power supply or motherboard. i would first troubleshoot the power supply. 3 usual methods are
  1. Replace by another working power supply.
  2. Short green and black wires to see if the power supply gets power on. It is better to have a suitable load connected in case zero-loading damage.
  3. Test the power supply by a tester.
i pick method 3 and recently bought a Antec Digital PSU Power Tester, which can easily check the health of PC power supply.

  1. Plug 20/24-pin and 4/6/8-pin connector to the tester.
  2. Turn on the power supply, the tester will display the voltage level and PG (Power Good Delay) value. If the voltage/value is out of normal range, a beep alarm will sound.
    Voltage      Normal Range
    +5V         +4.75V to +5.25V
    -12V        -11V to -13V
    +12V1       +11V to +13V
    +12V2       +11V to +13V
    +3.3V       +3.14V to +3.47V
    +5VSB       +4.75V to +5.25V
    PG          100ms to 500ms
  3. Plug one of SATA/Molex/Floppy connectors (not the same time), the LEDs will light up if no problem.

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